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CHAPTER 4: The King's Soldiers

Attacks On The Iroquois (4 pages)

A New Balance of Power?

French infantry soldiers in camp, 1667

French infantry soldiers in camp, 1667
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The presence of so many troops radically altered the colony's military position, which had previously been so precarious. At last the towns could be defended by suitable garrisons, and forts built to block the Richelieu, the traditional path of the Iroquois. Enthusiasm was such that numerous Canadians volunteered to provide support to the Carignan-Salières Regiment. In just a few weeks, the small French colony, which had been huddling defensively for a quarter of a century, changed its outlook from that of besieged to that of aggressor. A new tactic of attacking the Iroquois in their own villages emerged.

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  • The first Fort Chambly built in 1665